March 13th, 2008


Restaurant Week & more

Aw'right people, where are you going for Restaurant Week? I went to Artu' on Sunday. I had never been there before (except for drinks) so it was nice to try them out. Since I was there with 2 friends we just ordered one of everything and shared. The marinara sauce was great so the melanzane was a nice starter. The cheese on the caprese was really fresh and it wasn't overly dressed so that was nice. I didn't try the gamberi because I'm not a fan of shrimp. The entrees were ok, but not so fantastic that I'll be clamouring to go back. The desserts were quite nice and the cannolo was especially tasty.

Tonight I'm going to Umbria and next week Davide. I've never been to Davide but I was at Umbria in November for the BCAE's Monday Uncorked event which featured an absolutely phenomenal tasting menu with wine pairings. I still drool when I think about it.

And not Restaurant Week related, I was at Saraceno and Monica's Restaurant last week. I had been to both once before and enjoyed them. Both have relatively authentic cuisine. I was a little disappointed that in a year Saraceno's menu hadn't changed, but my tagliatelle was still fantastic. At Monica's we started with the chicken liver pate' toasts and I went for the duck gnocchi. We skipped dessert and headed to Villa Francesca for tiramisu at the bar. That place has become a weekly favorite. Their entrees are way too expensive, but the house salad is great.

And - anyone here work in the food business who would be willing to chat with me about it? I'm desperately seeking a career change.
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