April 27th, 2008


Friday Late Lunch

So I'm trying to find a place to have a late post-graduation lunch on Friday afternoon. It seems a lot of places aren't open all afternoon and close between lunch and dinner. Because I don't have to pay for this lunch, I'm also trying to take advantage of the opportunity to go someplace that I might not normally go. I've looked around boston.com and yelp.com and I thought I had decided on Kingston Station. But when I went to make reservations I saw that 2:30 is the last reservation time, even though their site says "open 11.30am-2am".
Anyway, I guess my point is I'm trying to find a place where I can do a late lunch, a little on the classier side,  and at least one vegetarian-friendly option, not far out of boston proper (ie: no charlestown, newton, etc.)
Any good suggestions??
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