ilovesashimi (ilovesashimi) wrote in boston_eats,

I don't remember where I heard about this restaurant, but guys if you really want to impress a girl or girls if you're planning a bridal/baby shower or just want a really nice girls brunch out, go to The Langham Hotel and Julien Restaurant before July for their Saturday only 12-3 Chocolate Buffet. The buffet lasts from Sept. to the end of June every year. It's $30, but worth it for a once in a while treat or to celebrate something. They have a doughnut making table, a crape making table--at both tables you choose the fixings, and also several tables of incredibly delicious and beautifully presented desserts. Coffee is included in the $30. It's on Franklin Street in Boston kind of near government center. Their website has images and a list of what's on the menu. Bring a camera.
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