uandursister (uandursister) wrote in boston_eats,

Burger Joints & BBQ

It's summer time and that means I crave good burgers and BBQ. And lately I'm looking for good places. The best burger place I know of is Wild Willy's in Watertown. It's low-hassle, easy on the wallet and has parking. The meat is juicy, the buns are toasted, and the combinations of flavors are great. I usually order the Rocky. Plus, they've never hassled me about mixing flavors for milkshakes (i.e. ordering a chocolate-strawberry as opposed to just chocolate or just strawberry).

Lately I've been going to The Waterfront. Their 10z angus burgers are awesome, but way too much for one person. However, I've never been hassled about sharing a burger and they have plenty of TVs to watch the Red Sox on. The service, however, is spotty. Friendly enough, but painfully slow. 

BBQ is much harder to find. Sure, there's Redbones, but I'm rarely in Davis Sq. And there's Blue Ribbon, but there is no where to sit and that stuff gets soggy fast when you try to get home. I need a new place. 

So, where do you guys go for great burgers and coma-inducing BBQ?
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