uandursister (uandursister) wrote in boston_eats,

If you could only pick one restaurant...

If you had to pick one restaurant to eat at in Boston, which would it be and why? Please include a link to the restaurant or its address.

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ten tables. it's adorable, great menu - constantly changing. personal service, great staff, just argh not enough to describe how amazing I find this restaurant.
I just moved to town with my new wife. The only restaurant that we've been to yet is Ten Tables! While I'm not sure it's the best in town (I'm going to have to try the other places that people recommend), it was *fantastic*!

The Helmand, in Cambridge - excellent food, beautiful ambiance, affordable, and incredible service. The courteous maitre d (manager?) made my last birthday there one of the greatest nights of my entire life...
Free? Clio or O Ya. You can google those.
I like Radius and No. 9 Park quite a lot.
Extremely biased perhaps, but I adore Fugakyu. With a name like "House of Exquisite Excellence" you can't really go wrong. It's one of the best dining experiences, and consistently so. plus they have absurdly good drinks, Kimono clad servers, and private sliding door booths. you don't have to be a sushi snob to enjoy it (they have a very extensive menu with cooked items too), but it helps :)
King Fung Garden. Very cheap, very yummy. And for all it's a converted gas station, the decor is not awful.