elle (looendes) wrote in boston_eats,

Restaurant Week: Vox Populi

I went to Vox Populi last night for dinner. Eh, ten being the best I rated my dinner a 5.434388. Let's see I had Arugala Salad with some kind of honey dressing. I think this dish made me cream my pants. Followed by a Grilled Skirt Steak served with shredded squash and potatoes. The steak was alright a little bit salty. I am not a fan of squash. The potatoes were salty too. I topped off the night with Banana Split Cake served with vanilla ice cream. Okay, so banana cake was hard as rock. I had two bites thinking I could toughen it out but I couldnt stand it. So, I just devoured the vanilla ice cream. All in all, Vox Populi gets a whopping 5.434388 on the Marielle Andes scale.

Happy Eatings,
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