Han (archer823) wrote in boston_eats,

Apgujung in Newton

After a tough day at work I really needed to find a place to serve up some Korean food for comfort, and I was going to drive out to Westborough when I saw that a place in Newton opened up recently called Apgujung. Color me semi impressed especially from the bad Korean restaurant experiences I've had in the past in the area.

The place is beautifully decorated and furnished, the menu is Korean / Japanese sushi mix, and the food itself although wasn't knock my socks off good was definitely could pass for be any average Korean BBQ restaurant in Flushing NY. The prices were a little on the high side due to probably the fact that it is so beautifully appointed, but one sushi roll for an appetizer (the restaurants' namesake apgujung which was amazing, torched white tuna on top of a maki of white tuna and roe, all topped with crispy taro strings, it was maybe one of the most beautiful dishes of sushi I've seen in a while), one order of kalbi, and one order of taeji bulgogi that we cooked on the grill at our table was enough food to feed four (even though it was just two orders) so the prices might be justified and it was damn tasty as well, which was a pleasant surprise for the area. And they have my favorite dish on the menu, hwe neng myun, a rarity in Boston it seems.

It's not the best Korean restaurant in the world but it's probably my favorite in the area now. I do think it's better than Koreana which used to be grudgingly my go to Korean place in Boston.
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