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boston_eats's Journal

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Boston Eats
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boston_eats is a community where foodies from the Greater Boston area are welcome to post their comments and reviews about restaurants and culinary events, and to exchange food-related conversations. Everyone is welcome to join, but please read and observe the following guidelines when posting:

What to post:
1. Restaurant reviews.
2. Cookbook reviews.
3. Sources for regional products and hard-to-find ingredients.
4. Announcements for culinary events (from Wine and Food Expos to street fairs with featured regional cuisines).
5. While posting recipes is certainly not discouraged, be aware that this is not intended to be a recipe repository. There are already sites fulfilling that function (Epicurious and the Food Network, for example). When posting recipes, use your best judgement, and try to keep it on topic (the "secret" recipe for Mary Chung's General Gau's Chicken might be a better choice than your favorite potato salad).
6. Use the lj-cut for longer entries.

What not to post:
1. Posts of a personal nature that clearly belong in your private journal. This includes one-line entries telling us what you had for lunch (breakfast/brunch/dinner) today.
2. Announcements about your recently created communities, unless there's an obvious overlap in interests.
3. Adult content.

Join, and enjoy.

Bon appétit!

This community was created by damiel.

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